A satellite-enabled peek at Saudi oil.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Well, What Can You See?

Well, you can see working oil wells, as well as those being drilled:

Oil well in Uthmaniyah

...and gas wells and those being drilled:

...and Gas Oil Separation Plants (GOSPs):

(Google Maps uses the same imagery)

...and pipelines, roads, buildings, vehicles, drilling rigs, etc. By tilting the azimuth away from vertical, we can even create pseudo aerial views:

The Shaybah oilfield from one mile up, looking south.

What a country!


┼×evket Zaimo─člu said...

Is the date identification in the first picture correct? It looks as if the one on the left is the completed site, thus it must be 2006, while the one on the right must be from 2003.

JoulesBurn said...

The one on the left shows an drilling rig and lots of other equipment distributed around the prepared well site. The black pit to the right is the reserve pit which is a repository for drilling mud. After the well is completed and the equipment removed, the remaining wellhead is comparatively small. After 3 years, the graded area has weathered considerably (sun exposure) and most of the mess has been cleaned up.