A satellite-enabled peek at Saudi oil.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Using Google Earth

This analysis is brought to you by Google Earth, the freely available tool for viewing high-resolution satellite imagery for anywhere on Earth. This application stitches together multiple satellite photographs to create a browsable and zoomable view of the planet. The images used come from multiple sources. The highest-resolution images are obtained from Digital Globe (taken by the Quickbird satellite instrument, and the low-resolution background is provided by TerraMetrics. More recently, images from the Spot5 instrument have also been included.

Just as important, however, are features of the application which make it easy to placemark and annotate locations and to overlay raster and vector images on top of the satellite data, facilitating the georegistration (or geographic alignment) of published maps.

Recent Drilling in Uthmaniyah, Ghawar

These powerful capabilities for analysis and documentation have proved to be indespensible in this work.

Note: All underlying satellite imagery, unless otherwise noted, is copyright DigitalGlobe, TerraMetrics, or Cnes/Spot.

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i would like to know which free tools did you used?