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Friday, May 30, 2008

New Setback at Khursaniyah: Drilling Mud Discovered To Be Blue Jello

In a shocking turn of events, Saudi Aramco engineers belatedly discovered -- to their horror -- that they had mistakely been using blue Jello-brand gelatin instead of drilling mud to drill several wells in the Fadhili field, part of the Khursaniyah redevelopment project which is six months behind schedule. "Things did seem to be taking an unusually long time", related one worker who wished to remain anonymous.

OK, not really. This is a May 26, 2006 satellite view of a well site in the Fadhili oil field after drilling was completed, but the coloration is probably due to one of the sensors on the Quickbird instrument (DigitalGlobe) not functioning properly. This image was included in the Google Earth view in the most recent imagery push.
(view in Google Maps)

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